I am a banking expert. The bank is an agent between the state and the client. The bank records and fixed the client’s cash flows and lends money by development to clients, of course, at bank interest rates. On the other hand, the bank can take you money at interest to save your money. The bank is different from ordinary usury, its business finance. The transfer of money is carried out not only by the bank, but also by private payment systems together with commissions. For example, in the Arab countries, the network of money transfers is developed that is not controlled by the state. The client asks for transfer of his own funds from one state to another, and by phone call transfer is made to the recipient of the funds when charging a commission for the transfer, we note that this is cash. Banks are actively investing in the grocery retail, how soon will we start taking grocery loans directly at the grocery store from a bank representative? Today, when we buy durable goods, we often get a bank loan in the store. Moreover, banks can develop a network of podcasts to teach economic literacy of citizens. When a client takes a loan from a bank, we must understand how we will return money banks. When a business takes money from the bank, they must understand how they see it to give. If you understand that you can’t make timely payments to the bank, I recommend that you give all the money available for the debt to the bank and refinancing loan will continue. Bank expert Polevoi Aleksandr help prepare and complete all the required documents for credit restructuring. I help in obtaining loans, fill out correct applications for open bank account and requesting all required documents for bank mortgage, get a bank guarantee. I’m a personal financial advisor. I actively communicate and develop together with the bank, working with bank statement or bank check. Also I go through AML procedures and bank reconciliation procedure. I help you with bank communicate or use internet banking and bank calculator and other banking services. I assess your personal capital and obligations. In the future, bank expert Polevoi have a plan to build space banks and investment funds where we will sell shares of companies and services of people. And necessarily bank jobs hiring in space bank.